In Honour of the New Star Wars Movie, Watch This Trilogy of Luke Skywalker Fan Videos Set to Lana Del Rey Songs

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Once a year at Christmastime, we gather together to celebrate our Lord and saviour: Luke Skywalker. Yes, Star Wars Season is a time of merriment, a time of gratitude and peace. What better way to celebrate than to indulge in a trilogy of Lana Del Rey music videos which focus on Luke Skywalker’s emotional journey? No better way, that’s what.

I began making these videos – one for each film in the original series – about two years ago. Why? Couldn’t tell ya. But they really hold up, I have to say. Check them out below, featuring commentary by me, the director. Also, stay tuned for when The Last Jedi leaks and I can complete the series with a video of Luke chilling out on Fuck-Off Island while “High by the Beach” plays.

A New Hope

This is the only real masterpiece of the bunch, to be honest. The first…

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Just Here For The Niche.

For anyone who follows this blog, I made it for a college project last semester and don’t use it for that purpose anymore. I literally just keep it alive so I can like and comment on articles from, so don’t expect to see any more office fitness posts or original posts in general. And check out The Niche if you haven’t already; they’re brilliant. Bye!

We Need A Musical Episode of Stranger Things and We Need It Now

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Dear the Brothers Duffer,

Hello, good sirs. You have made a really neat television series. The plot is a living, breathing homage to eighties genre greats with enough twists and 21st century updates to keep things fresh. Your casting directors just crushed it, and I love every character more than the last. You even get the woman thing right about 80% of the time, which is more than I can say for like… just about every other sci-fi series  I’ve ever seen.

Like, case in point: Eleven! She’s a superhero, a badass, an almighty warrior – but she’s also sensitive, and flawed, and mired in deeply realistic trauma. Yeah, I have issues with the fact that a girl who was raised in a lab and doesn’t know words like “friend” and “home” somehow understands “pretty” and “another girl is standing in the same room as the guy I like, so…

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What if the HBO Show “The Young Pope” Were a Netflix Show Called “Robert Pope Leonard”? What then?

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HBO’s “The Young Pope” was such an interesting and meme-worthy show but it left you with all sorts of unanswered questions.
You’re asking: What if this weren’t an HBO drama at all? What if it were a Netflix comedy called Robert Pope Leonard (RPL)?
What if Robert Sean Leonard (RSL), the American actor best known for his work in Dead Poets Society and House MD, played himself as the separated-at-birth, gay, Jewish identical twin of the newly elected (do they get elected?) pope? What if he had to abandon his promising Broadway career and take on the role of a lifetime when his twin brother went mysteriously missing?
What if Bernadette Peters is his lesbian best friend who joins him in Rome by going undercover as a nun? Oh and lastly, what if Laura Linney played Johanna, Bernadette’s girlfriend who is kind of pissed at her because Bernadette totally promised she would finally…

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Yoga For Focus and Productivity

This quick pick-me-up practice can be squeezed in whenever you need to step back from your work and reboot. An energizing and swift practice, this video will help you return to your tasks with efficiency and drive. And there’s a dog, so that automatically makes it a mood booster. Let’s go!

Yoga For Focus and Productivity

Corporate Fitness Works – Helping You Cultivate Wellness

Corporate Fitness Works specializes in helping companies design wellness practices that work best for them. Led by a staff of consulting experts, management teams, and health and fitness professionals, their services include fitness center management, creating wellness solution plans, the WellOnTrack Activity Tracking System, and fitness center design. Their customer service form, email, and phone number are all available on the website for further information. This would be a great service for large companies who have the resources to create a space specifically designated for fitness within their organization.

Corporate Fitness Works

How To Get Your Employees Into Fitness

Taking the perspective of upper management and supervisors, this Fortune magazine article approached how to create the right climate for an interest in fitness to thrive. While having a fancy gym or yoga studio in the office is very useful and convenient, it isn’t necessary to encourage healthy behaviour and setting aside time for physical health. That begins with the culture that is fostered by those with the most influence. Read on for ideas on getting started.

How to get your employees into fitness